Consulting Services

As the Client’s business grows and gets better established and staff number increases, there will be a need to customize its HR needs and adopt more advance models of Human Resource Management.  There might also be instances where the Client’s will request for specific HR support which does not come under the purview of the Outsourced Core Services, we will be able to help the Client develop and implement such programs in the areas listed below:

  • Human Resources Policy development
  • Special Recruitment of Professional and other staff
  • Develop Performance Management Systems (PMS) and train managers and staff.
  • Compensation and Benefit plan, design and review
  • Regulatory Compliance review
  • Employee Engagement Survey (develop, conduct, communicate and address issues)
  • Expatriate Compensation and Management
  • Business entity set up assistance including search for office space, layout infrastructure etc.
  • Serves as one stop centre for Company Secretarial, Accounting, Tax and Audit support