HR Outsource Services


Policy Development
The Company in consultation with the client will develop essential HR policies that includes: Recruitment, Employee Engagement - Discipline Procedure, Code of Conduct, Payroll and Salary Administration, Performance Management and Employee Performance Improvement policies.

Recruitment Services
This shall include the recruitment of Professional, Technical and functional staff for the initial starts up of the Company. The services include coordinating the search, short listing, selection and placement processes. The client shall pay for the cost of hiring which includes use of headhunters, placing online advertisements and in newspapers, use of assessment tools, stationeries and any out of pocket expenses.

Employee Engagement
The services offered shall include Orientation and on boarding of new employees which shall include briefing on Company policy, Code of Ethics and Confidentiality policies. We shall also develop a Company Handbook for distribution to employees and providing consultations for disciplinary cases which shall include drafting and issuance of relevant documents.  We shall also coordinate the Domestic Inquiry process.  Issues pertaining to labour relations and representation at labour tribunals will also be undertaken by us.

Employee Performance Improvement
When the Performance Management System cycle is completed, we will analyze and identify the skills, knowledge and competency gaps and then generate a Companywide report on the performance status and suggest corrective actions for performance improvement.

HR Administration
We will effectively manage the HR services of the Client.  Each employee shall have their own updated personal folder complete with all the essential employment and performance records.  We will issue each new hire with an employee number and badge.  We will also prepare and issue all relevant HR documents throughout the employment life cycle.
All employee personal data and leaves will be managed using our software.

Payroll Management
We will manage the Clients’ payroll system using our own payroll software. All employees will be registered into this system; their pay shall be calculated with highest accuracy and integrity including ensuring all statutory deductions of EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax and other voluntary deductions.  All other allowances and benefits as provided by the Client will be included.  Pay slips shall also be prepared for issuance to every employee.