Expatriate Management Services

Scope of Services

ADD Coral Services will enhance performance by handling all of the many details that relate to Expatriate management and relocation support.

Our Programme, will at all-time have the following qualities:

  • Flexibility — this is a ‘living’ Programme designed to be modified to match your needs. We are flexible to change and add/delete existing benefits as the Client may deem fit. We can also provides you the detail list of what the market is doing and the Client will be able to choose what it would like to do for their assignees.
  • Problem Solving — with our expertise we commit ourselves to solve problems for your expatriates and their dependents so that these problems do not take away your focus on the core business issues. When the expatriate or family members need help, they will call ADD Coral Services and not your office.

1.    Policy Development
At the onset, ADD Coral will draft a Global Mobility Policy for the Client’s management approval. The policy shall cover all aspects of global mobility including compensation and benefits for the expatriates. The policy will be drafted in consultation with the Client’s management to ensure that components of market competitiveness as well company affordability are included into the design of the program. The policy will ensure consistent treatment of all your assignees.

2.    Establish  Process
Once a policy is approved and established, then a process shall be mapped. The process shall define the documents and the support level for the assignees. It will also define the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved in supporting the assignee during the period of assignment.

3.    Expat Compensation
ADD Coral will design and propose the compensation package for approval by the Client. Expat compensation is a complex area that involves detail information like Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Inflation, home and host country salary etc. A compensation template will be drafted to provide consistency and shall be an addendum to each assignment contract. The assignment contract itself shall be drafted based on the approved policy.

4.    Assignment Administration
Assignment Administration includes the management of the Expatriate Data, updating assignment cost computations, generating periodical reports for management, implementation of policy changes, monitoring and proposing solutions to changes that may affect the assignee both at home at host country location and improving the process to make effective delivery.

5.    Assignment Management
ADD Coral will manage the assignment from start to end i.e. until the expatriate returns. This includes providing all necessary documentation, preparing assignment cost sheet,  drafting assignment contracts, securing approval for assignment, pre-departure orientation, engaging  third party providers to  ensure relocation support is provided to help the employee and his/her family settle into the new location.

6.    Settling-in Services
If there are inbound assignees into Malaysia, ADD Coral, using third party providers shall provide support to the inbound assignee in settling in services that shall include any or all the services as required:

  • Immigration Services(Visa and Work Permit using third party services specialist services at home/host location)
  • Tax Computation ( involves engaging tax service providers at home/ host locations)
  • Search and registration at school
  • Location Orientation
  • Maid services(if required)
  • Opening bank account
  • Transportation/lease car
  • Language Courses(if required)
  • Temporary Living
  • Coordination of Shipment
  • Cultural Orientation (if required)

7. Repatriation Services
Repatriation Services for expatriates shall comprise the extent of support the Client is willing to provide. The services include repatriation as result of completion of assignment or repatriation as result of medical emergencies or political issues at host country.    Listed below is a general list of support that can be given. The Client will decide on the following level of support:

  • Cost computation
  • Lease & utility termination/check out
  • Shipment coordination
  • Engaging providers for emergency evacuation