Husin Jamal Hasnar

Husin Jamal Hasnar (Jamal) is a HR practitioner groomed, trained and developed by BURSA MALAYSIA. He joined as Sr. HR Executive and grew to be the Head of Group Human Resources. He has worked in various HR roles over a period of 25 years. He brings with him hands of experience in various HR discipline.
He has been involved in conducting VSS/MSS program, the implementation of computerization of the HR system, formulating HR policies, talent & succession planning, review & developing compensation strategy & benefits programs, strategy planning, job evaluation, conducting TNA, developing L&D programs for the organization, design manpower planning, drafting University Relations programs, championed the ISO program, negotiated Collective Agreement with Labour Unions etc. He moved on to join Tan Chong Motor Assemblies as Head of Human Capital. His extensive experience in Bursa made him another success story in Tan Chong Motor Assemblies where he introduced succession planning, conducted TNA and established L&D programs for all levels of employees, established the new PMS and developed proper JDs and carried out Job Evaluation for all levels.

Now in his capacity as a Professional Consultant, he has involved in various HR projects and works with many organizations i.e. Government Linked Companies, Government Agencies, Public Listed Companies, Khazanah Group as well as Private Limited Companies.
Jamal has an Honours Degree in Social Science (History & Malay Studies) from the University of Malaya and was an incumbent of the Education Ministry Scholarship. He also has a Diploma in Education from the University of Malaya and was posted for a short while as a school teacher upon graduation. In 2010, he has obtained Diploma in Psychology Counselling and has experienced 100 hours counselling sessions with various stakeholders.