Dedicated Resource

The Client could also prefer to have a dedicated resource working from its own premises.  We will be able to accommodate such request and provide the following:

Operating from Clients Premises:

  • Clients shall be provided with a dedicated ‘HR Manager’ located at their premises to manage their account solely
  • Identification of the candidate shall be done in collaboration with the client.
  • Systems used shall be desktop operations each dedicated to individual clients.
  • Number of Resources  and scope of work will be based on client requirements
  • Dedicated Manager will provide full spectrum of HR services with full support from the principal Consultants.


Centralized HR services centre:
Centralized basic services shall be provided on a retainer basis. Clients shall be charged a minimum monthly retainer fees. Actual charges shall be dependent on the scope of services required by the Client.

Consulting services:
Clients will be quoted at preferential rates for job/project that is to be undertaken.

Dedicated HR services:
The charges will be negotiated on the basis of scope and level of services required and   will be quoted for each contract for a predetermined tenure.